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Friday's Real Estate Headlines October 14, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on October 14, 2011 in Headlines

Friday's Headlines

October 14, 2011


NY Times

Facing Eviction, Protesters Begin Park Cleanup
Updated, 9:21 p.m.| Young people in knit hats and jeans scurried around Thursday wielding brooms and trash bags, moving mountains of sleeping bags, backpacks and jackets out of the way.

The Mayor Stands Firm Against the Lobbying of Puppy-Dog Eyes
They curl up on the fringes of New York City royalty, positioned to eavesdrop on conversations no one else can hear, but unlikely to pass along the details. They come from a well-worn class of political companion, intended to generate sympathy for even the surliest of leaders, but have failed to persuade the city’s first man to accept them as his best friends. They stand, and sit, as symbols of compromise in the private life of an uncompromising mayor.

Privately Owned Park, Open to the Public, May Make Its Own Rules
Zuccotti Park, the half-acre plaza in Lower Manhattan now synonymous with Occupy Wall Street, exists in a strange category of New York parkland, identified by a seeming oxymoron: a privately owned public space.

Democrats and Weprin Outspent Turner to Replace Weiner
Democrats poured $1.5 million into their failed attempt to retain the Congressional seat last held by Anthony D. Weiner, vastly outspending the Republican candidate, Bob Turner, who ultimately prevailed in New York’s Ninth District.

Daily News

Fully outfitted: Special Ops Marine looks to revolutionize furniture industry
When Jason Atkins takes you around the Greene St. SoHo showroom for Tui Lifestyle, the furnishings company he founded two years ago, he doesn’t walk, he runs. He doesn’t speak, he passionately explains why he’s going to revolutionize the way Americans live and how he’s going to change the way the world buys furniture.

The Closer: Flips and splits of New York's real-estate community
For New Yorkers who love or hate Los Angeles, a dose of authenticity and design combining good grub with views of the city’s foothills just opened up at 6317 Wilshire Blvd.

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Thursday's Real Estate Headlines October 6, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on October 6, 2011 in Headlines

Thursday's Headlines

October 6, 2011


NY Times

Details of Home Sale Emerge in Consultant’s Trial for Theft
It was December 2008 when John F. Haggerty Jr. agreed to buy out his brother’s stake in their dead father’s home in Queens.

Freddie and Fannie Reject Debt Relief
Home values have fallen so much in Arizona that almost half the people with mortgages there owe more than their homes are worth. So when federal money became available to help stem the tide of foreclosures, the state flagged that group for help.

Land Deal Is Announced to Allow New U.N. Tower and Esplanade
City and state officials on Wednesday agreed to a $73 million plan that would unlock an underutilized chunk of the Manhattan waterfront between East 38th and East 60th Streets, paving the way for a new United Nations office tower and esplanade along the East River.

Giuliani Ads to Promote Safety of Indian Pt.
10 p.m. | Updated The operator of the Indian Point nuclear power complex has hired former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani to vouch for the plant’s safety in a new advertising campaign scheduled to begin next week.

Daily News

Frances Bean Cobain buys $1.825 million L.A. home of her own
Frances Bean Cobain, the 19-year-old daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, purchased a home of her own in Los Angeles for $1.825 million through a trust, according to The Real Estalker.

NY Post

Lady’s man
Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s style guru, has rented a two-story SoHo building on Greene Street for $20,000 a month. It’s a 6,000-square-foot space with a 2,000-square-foot, upper-floor residence and a private rooftop.

LICin’ good!
Just about as fast as they hit Long Island City, Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis -- the Quebecois-American duo behind one of the most celebrated new restaurants in the city, M.

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Monday's Real Estate Headlines September 26, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on September 26, 2011 in Headlines

Monday's Headlines

September 26, 2011


NY Times

In a Bronx Complex, Doing Good Mixes With Looking Good
Sometime late this winter people will start moving into Via Verde, the subsidized housing development now rising on a long, narrow slice of formerly contaminated city property in what used to be one of the worst stretches of the South Bronx.

After Perry’s Debate Showing, Eyes Turn Toward Christie
Tim LarsenGov. Chris Christie of New Jersey spoke at the Delaney Hall 10th Anniversary Ceremony in Newark in April 2010.
The reignited effort by Republican activists and donors to persuade Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey to run for president may say more about the jittery state of the party’s major financial backers than it does about any possibility Mr. Christie will change his mind and announce a campaign.

Daily News

Your guide to Astoria's Little Brazil
Little Brazil is more than just a block in midtown — Astoria’s cultural melting pot includes a bustling strip of restaurants and markets along 36th Ave. catering to the Brazucas settling in the Big Apple.

'Housewife' Lisa Vanderpump buys stunning new Beverly Hills mansion
Lisa Vanderpump, a cast member of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" may have downsized from her sprawling 17,000-square-foot mansion – but pictures show her new pad, also in Beverly Hills, is still quite a palace.

Ask a broker: Town Residential's Aeen Avini
Town Residential’s Aeen Avini went into real estate right after finishing NYU — and was lucky enough to land a big sale on his first day on the job. He goes the extra mile for clients — even if it’s while he’s in the back of their car with their luggage on top of him.

Belgrade Press: Jack Nicholson interested in apartment owned by former Yugoslav states
At least there's one thing the six cash-strapped former Yugoslav states can agree on: Selling a $12-million Park Avenue apartment in New York.

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Tuesday's Real Estate Headlines August 30, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on August 31, 2011 in Headlines

Tuesday's Headlines

August 30, 2011


NY Times

A Peaceful Penthouse That Turmoil Calls Home
The western penthouse at 37 Riverside Drive soars above the park and the Hudson River, offering sweeping sunset views across the Palisades and past the George Washington Bridge, conjuring a feeling of country in the city and respite from the hubbub of Manhattan far below.

Daily News

Teenager builds 130-square-foot home to take to college
Like many other teenagers, 16-year-old Austin Hay was sick of living at home. Unlike other kids, he started building his own – from scratch.

Best place of the week: Live and work in a roomy Tribeca townhouse
Here’s a great chance to improve your commute – if you have $35,000 a month.

Ask a broker: Corcoran Senior Vice President Christine Blackburn
Christine Blackburn knows Brooklyn, and works on deals with partner Lior Barak ranging from individual home sales to land sales and new developments – more than $400 million worth since 2006.

Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel buys a fat Tribeca condo
If you were jealous of Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy's cute apartment in Bravo's "Bethenny Ever After" – prepare to get even greener with envy.

Jackson Avenue and Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City
Long Island City has seen more change due to real estate and city or state investment in the past 10 years than most other city areas combined.

NY Post

Extell builds another Midtown Hyatt hotel
Another shining tower is on the way to its Broadway debut.

Cerberus suit
Innkeepers USA Trust sued Cerberus Capital Management and Chatham Lodging Trust, saying its agreement to sell 64 hotels to Cerberus and Chatham can’t be called off due to market conditions or a change in its business.

Polo a player on E. 59th
Two large new lease transactions have swallowed up more than 150,000 square feet of SL Green buildings -- but the smaller of the two is the more interesting, with ramifications for the downtown office market.

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Tuesday's Real Estate Headlines August 16, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on August 16, 2011 in Headlines

Tuesday's Headlines

August 16, 2011

NY Times

A Second Home for Affluent Chinese
Most of these new buyers are seeking apartments either as pieds-à-terre or as housing for children studying in the city.

Gotham: Her Chinatown Home Is ‘Underperforming’
Buy an “underperforming asset” — like two homely red-brick tenement walk-ups on Delancey Street. Then “commence a repositioning strategy,” which consists of persuading rent-stabilized tenants to leave and “releasing” their apartments at fizzy market rates.

City Selling Space in Brooklyn Building
It is unlikely that any visitors to the property assessor’s office in the stone monolith known as the Brooklyn Municipal Building ever looked around at the clerks poring over tax records and exclaimed, “It would be fun to spend my next paycheck here.” But the Laboz brothers think it could be just that sort of place.

New Jersey Superintendents Call State Agency Ineffective
Nearly three-quarters of New Jersey school superintendents said the state Education Department did not play an important role in helping districts raise students’ achievement or prepare graduates for college and careers, according to a survey the department released Monday.

The Appraisal: These Apartments May as Well Already Have Monograms
Growing up on Long Island, Jeremy Noritz says, he was always interested in fine art, especially sculpture and painting. So, when he bought a loft in a converted warehouse on West 29th Street in 2006, he jumped at the chance to transform it.


NY Post

Midtown deals aplenty


On the Market: Tony Home Builder; Chelsea Marketted; Sinking Sewers

Wall Street Journal

Retail Is in Works for the Brooklyn Municipal Building
A home-goods store and a restaurant could be coming to the Brooklyn Municipal Building, the newly selected developer of the building's two-floor retail space said Monday.

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Friday's Real Estate Headlines August 5, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on August 9, 2011 in Headlines

Friday's Headlines

August 5, 2011

NY Times

Mortgage Settlement Challenged
The New York attorney general is moving to block a proposed $8.5 billion settlement struck in June by Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of America over troubled loan pools issued by Countrywide. A lawsuit filed late Thursday accuses Bank of New York of fraud in its role as trustee overseeing the pools for investors.

Mike Kirby
Mr. Kirby is a founder and the chairman of Green Street Advisors, an independent research and consulting firm that tracks the commercial real estate industry.

House Hunting in ... Switzerland
The Swiss housing market has been robust during the last two years.

Q & A
An inheritance and a co-op board; paying for services not rendered; a new buyer, an old project

A Neighborhood Saved, in Clusters
In the Newhallville neighborhood of New Haven, an affordable-housing developer is acquiring foreclosed homes, fixing them up and selling them

In Home Sales, Courtesy Goes a Long Way
A tough real estate market seems to be bringing out the worst in people: arrogant buyers, oversensitive sellers, inconsiderate agents and adversarial lawyers.

Developers Building for ‘Today’s Gatsby’
The grand mansions of yesteryear, including one that inspired “The Great Gatsby,” are being replaced by high-end homes in subdivided lots

Co-Signing on the Dotted Line
If the principal borrower defaults on the loan, the co-signer is on the hook

Daily News

Inside Gotham's newest skyscraper, New York by Gerhy
Standing on the just-released-for-rent upper floors in New York by Gehry has a profound effect on the human mind and body. Your ears pop on the way up to the top. The views from the under-construction penthouse floors beat a landing airplane

NY Post

DeCinces, a California-based real estate executive, passed information to
his physical therapist, Joseph Donohue, and longtime friend Roger ...

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Thursday's Real Estate Headlines August 4, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on August 9, 2011 in Headlines

Thursday's Headlines

August 4, 2011

NY Times

City Room: Facing the Loss of a Home, and a Quirky Experiment
These days, there is no shortage of compelling tales of New Yorkers facing foreclosure and battling bureaucracy in a struggle to pay their bills.

New York in Design and African in Décor
In a 15th-century, second-floor walk-up apartment here, Adam Gaon and Loredana Tarini have created a home where New York meets Africa

House Hunting in ... Switzerland
This penthouse is in a decade-old 14-unit complex in Chernex, a village set on a steep slope above the lakeside town of Montreux.

In Gowanus, Big Development Can Wait
WHEN a baby whale lost its way and wandered into the mouth of the Gowanus Canal in 2007, it was christened Sludgie the Whale.

A Neighborhood for Man and Dog
NEARLY three years ago, when Richard Rethemeyer moved to New York from San Francisco, he paid $1.16 million for 1,400 lovely square feet in the ClockTower, at 1 Main Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The plan was for his girlfriend to join him there

Daily News

Take a tour of a tiny 78-square-foot "midtown mansion"
Remember that 90-foot “microstudio” on the upper West Side we told you about in April? An architect who lives in Hell’s Kitchen has it beat

Let's get creepy: MNS debuts site for best apartment hook ups
Real estate has always been a little bit sexy, but this is the first real estate site we’ve seen actually devoted to talking about sex.


Concrete lab charged with faking NYC test results
American Standard Testing and Consulting Laboratories, company President Alan Fortich and five staffers are being charged with faking results for a LaGuardia Airport control tower, the new Yankee Stadium, and other projects around New York City

Concrete workers return, but carpenters OK strike
Walkouts at the World Trade Center and other construction sites end as concrete workers extend a deadline for a new contract.

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Monday's Real Estate Headlines Aug 1, 2011
Posted by Vincent Koo on August 2, 2011 in Headlines

Monday's Headlines

Aug 1, 2011

NY Times

Construction Spending Rises 0.2 Percent
Builders began work on more office buildings, shopping centers and hotels in June, pushing construction spending higher for a third straight month. But even with the gains, activity remains at depressed levels.

Monday Reading: Homeowners' Delusions About Flood Risk
...Holdouts who still keep paper calendars. (Styles)The inevitability of title insurance for people getting mortgages. (Real Estate)First test drive of a Prius with more cargo room. (Automobiles)Debt deal focuses on spending cuts while economy...

THE APPRAISAL; Incentives Are Used to Lure N.Y. Apartment Buyers
...thought, ‘What a nice thank you gift that would be.’ ” When Mr. Parker asked his real estate agent, Scott Klein of Prudential Douglas Elliman , if he thought it would be a selling point, Mr. Klein said...

This Week in Small Business: Lessons in Negotiating
...Mortgage applications are at their lowest since February. A real estate investor explains that we are 40,000 properties away...business owners are capitalizing on the weak commercial real estate market. Chikodi Chima says that education is the next...

The Airport Experience Now Includes Shopping for the Whole Family
...occasional shop selling coffee mugs and local smoked meat. The real diversity in airport shopping was in the food concessions...2 percent a year ago, according to CoStar Group, a real estate research firm. Over all, the retail vacancy rate is...

New, Quiet Effort for Big Islamic Center Near Ground Zero
...Everything was backward,” Mr. El-Gamal, 37, acknowledged in an interview on Wednesday in his Chelsea real estate office.

China’s High-Quality Pearls Enter the Mass Market
...Pearl, one of the largest companies in Zhuji, a town in Zhejiang Province. Grace grows pearls in Zhejiang and, as real estate and labor costs have risen, also in inland Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui and Hubei Provinces. Mr. Zhan picked up a visitor...

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